Driving effective collaboration to deliver quality project outcomes


  • How does PMO add value in the world that we are living in? 
  • How can a PMO effectively support business owners and sponsors to reassess the business case for projects in the changing business environment  
  • Creating strategic options to deliver long-term growth 
  • Beyond consistent methodology. How can PMOs drive value and successfully help execute the business strategy 


  • Learn how to effectively anticipate and plan for common roadblocks 
  • Effectively managing stakeholder expectations and facilitating high visibility, processes, and policies  
  • Future-proofing PMO to survive in a Post-Covid World 



  • Taking an outcomes based approached for better project delivery  
  • Ensuring projects are aligned with the overall organisational strategy /vision/mission/ goal/ objectives 
  • Monitoring and managing project progress/outcomes through outcome measures and indicators  


  • Devolved governance for delivery in a modern world  
  • Scaffolding business capability with delivery capability  
  • Embracing a culture of being more pragmatic than bureaucratic

Building productive & high-performing project teams and delivery outcomes


  • Embracing the new normal and building resilience in remote working teams 
  • Effectively engaging project teams and stakeholders while transitioning to remote working 
  • How are we communicating, collaborating, aligning in a remote world to deliver project outcomes? 
  • How can PMO leaders build capabilities in their teams to prepare them for a VUCA environment 
  • How to create high performing teams? 
  • Managing resources successfully to address project priorities




  • Moving away from process-oriented project management to a more human centred management culture 
  • How the changing COVID-19 environment presents an important opportunity 
  • Developing a human centric management culture to drive better outcomes 
  • How to effectively engage, follow up and communicate 
  • Key attributes of a PM to drive collaboration for better people management and engagement 
  • Key attributes to be a people leader to engage teams effectively  
  • Maintaining staff engagement and what does it mean moving forward


Leveraging technology and innovation to support the virtual PMO


  • What does “transformation” mean? 
  • Key similarities and differences across various types of transformations: Integrating two businesses, establishing EPMOs, transforming global functions 
  • Key do’s (and don’ts) for successful transformation change 
  • Managing transformational change in the COVID era 


  • Understand the drivers for technological change, the barriers to change and how to achieve Executive support 
  • Discussion about the people and skill set structure required to implement a PMO 
  • Define the applicable process requirements and common gaps, as well as how to achieve alignment across multiple project offices